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Some people are concerned about the water purifying industry and the process of Reverse Osmosis.  So much so that someone even went so far as to set up a webpage to warn the public about the “dishonourable” water purifying industry. When one look at the owners of this particular webpage, one cannot help but wonder whether there is a hidden agenda. Then there are the people who believe that tap water is still ‘safe and pure’.  We, as well as the media, believe the opposite.
Our Consultants do two tests. The TDS and the Precipitator test. Both of the instruments which are used, are used and recognized internationally and give very helpful indications about the pureness of water. Our purified water was tested by a state laboratory and the results were obviously in our favour, giving our water purification systems South African recognition and proof that they are effective.
Unlike a disbelieving Thomas, we take it very seriously when renowned people, like a professor of the University of Pretoria’s Water Institute, warns “the water crisis is already worse than the Eskom crisis” and a doctor of the CSIR proclaims that the Eskom-power catastrophe will be nothing compared to the threatening water crises in our country. Both of these statements were declared publicly in well-known publications.  Furthermore, qualified and recognized physicians and institutions proclaim that heavy metals, like arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, cobalt, aluminium and mercury are among the heavy metals known to have serious health implications. No wonder that the professor from the University of Pretoria’s Water Institute warns, “Of even greater concern is the chemical pollution seeping into our rivers, including heavy metals and salts”. “Chemicals don’t cause immediate symptoms and it could take 10 years of drinking from the same source before you show any symptoms,” he explains. We have many more qualified and publicly declared statements and announcements about the sad state of affairs of the water available for our consumption.
Some Medical Aids offer discounted premiums to members who can prove that they have a healthy lifestyle. One of the recognised ways about a healthy lifestyle is the consumption of purified water. That means drinking water without contaminants and other people’s drugs because “a vast array of pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones – have been found in the drinking water supplies…”.
The Precipitator Test
Electrode rods display the degree of TDS (the total dissolved solids) present in the water sample through an electro-chemical reaction.Our purified water hardly has any present. The solids which come from the un-purified water only visualise what is present in the water, not whether it is good or bad. All indications are, however, that more “bad” than “good” is in the water which had not been purified through the Reverse Osmosis process.
The TDS Meter
Our instrument measures the “total dissolved solids” per micro-liter.  The international norm is that a reading of 44 or lower may be suitable for drinking-water. The higher the TDS levels in the water, the greater the probability of harmful contaminants that can pose health risks.
Before anyone who is crying “wolf” about the water purifying industry tries to convince you that it is unhealthy to drink pure water, please read the theory in this webpage about the role of pure water in improving our health.
You are an educated, intelligent and well-informed person who probably knows that the average human body consists of more than 75% water. Make your own decisions about the type of water which you would like in your body – with such a huge amount involved, is it not better to be on the safe side, i.e. using PURE water instead of water with doubtful qualities? Don’t be led to believe that you can drink impure water and not suffer from a myriad of health problems in the long run. Read what the media has to say about the condition of our water.  (See our index for the discussion ‘The problem of pollution’.)
The range of water purifiers that we sell all have highly recognized credentials which are above suspicion. We are part of a worldwide industry for the good of mankind. We are proud to do honest and ethical business.
We ask: Who are the tricksters, scammers or conmen who are misrepresenting facts to the public? Judge for yourself, but rest assured, the Reverse Osmosis process which is regarded as the most cost effective way to purify water, ensures that you have PURE, GOOD TASTING, HEALTHY WATER at a fraction of the cost compared to most other methods. Ask yourself why NASA would use the Reverse Osmosis process to ensure pure, healthy water for the spacemen onboard the spacecraft if the process is not the best, judged by rocket scientist standards.